Ball Family of Lancaster Co., VA and Descendants
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Generation 1
William BALL      
Born ~1450    
Married ~1474 to Elizabeth CELETER born ~1450  
Died 1480    
Comments Lord of "Manor of Barkham", Berks, England
Generation 2
Robert BALL      
Born 1475 at Barkham, Berkshire, England
Married 1499 to Margaret    
Died 1543    

Generation 3

William BALL      
Born 1505    
Married ~ 1524 Margaret MOODY    
Died 1550 (parchment lists 1530)    
Comments of Wokingham
Generation 4
Jonathon Paris BALL   
Born  1525    
Married Agnes HOLLOWAY
Died 1599    
Generation 5
Jonathon Paris BALL, II     
Born 5 May 1548, Wokingham, Berkshire, England 
Married ~1567 to Elizabeth WEBB    
Died 1628    
Comments  *he is not listed on the the parchment dated 1915.
Generation 6
William BALL     
Born  ~1573 in Wiltshire, Millenbeck, England    
Married  Joanna KING, Dorothy TUTTLE, Alice WALTHAM 
Died  17 Nov 1647 New Haven, New Haven, CT    
Comments of the "Lincoln Inn," London
Generation 7
Col. William BALL     
Born 1615 at Barkham Manor, Barkham, Berkshire, England 
Married Hannah ATHERALL (ATHEROLD) in London, 2 July 1638 (from Suffolk, England)
Died 1680 Millenbeck, Lancaster, VA    
Comments: Immigrant to VA in 1647 or 57; Millenbreck Estate in Lancaster Co. VA on Rappahannock River; Member of Burgesses of Lancaster Co; Soldier under Sir Thomas Fairfax; Major, then Col Commander of his County by Royal Authority and also presiding Magistrate.
Generation 8
Col. Joseph BALL     
Born 26 May 1649    

Mrs. Mary JOHNSON about 1675

Died 1711    
Generation 9
Born 1708    

Augustine WASHINGTON in VA 1730

Died 1711    
Generation 10
George WASHINGTON     
Born 22 Feb 1732    

Martha Dandridge CUSTIS (widow of Daniel P. Custis) in VA 1730

Died 14 Dec 1792    
Generation 11
John Parke CUSTIS
Born 1754    

Eleanor CALVERT in 1774

Died 1781    
George Washington Parke CUSTIS    
Born 30 April 1781    

Mary Lee FITZHUGH in 1806

Died 1857 in Arlington, VA    
Mary Ann Randolph CUSTIS    
Born 01 Oct 1808    

Gen. Robert E. LEE  on 30 Jun 1831

Died 1873    

Generation 8

Capt. William BALL      
Born 1641 in England    

1. Margaret WILLIAMSON+
2. Miss HARRIS
3. Margaret DOWMAN

  +Sister of Mary Rosier, daughters of James Williamson (merchant and mortgager) and Anne Underwood - daughter of William Underwood and Margaret Upton of Isle of Wright, settled in Rappahannock Co, Virginia
Died 1694    

of "Millenbreck"

Generation 9
William BALL      
Born  1676 in Lancaster, VA    

Hannah BEALLE/HEALE or (BEALE) daughter of Capt. Thomas Beale and Anne Gooch; married prior to 1716; "bill of sale" for 4 negroes dated 1/27/1716

Died  1 Mar 1744    
Comments Surveyor of Northumberland County in 1724; Vestryman at St. Mary's Parish in 1743; will recorded in Lancaster Co.
Generation 10
William BALL      
Born  ~1700    
Married in 1723 to Margaret BALL daughter of Richard BALL and Sara YOUNG; Will dated October 16, 1783; died October 1783
Died 1744 in Lancaster Co., VA    
Comments  They were first cousins.    
Generation 11
Williamson BALL   

1. Anne BEALE 23 Nov 1762 Richmond County, Virginia
2. Priscilla GLASSCOCK 24 March 1763 Richmond County, Virginia
Source: Virginia Marriages to 1800

Died  1765 in Lancaster, VA  
Comments "Record not perfectly clear here, but facts approximately correct;-so states Mrs. Sara Ball COPELAND"  
Generation 12
William BALL      
Born  before 1745*    

1. Sarah Martin in 1769. Children with Sarah: William, Martin Peter, Parmelia, Mary, Jeremiah, George, John, Elizabeth, Francis Martin.She was born in 1752 in Germantown, Farquier, VA
2 Lillia Ann Hitt in 1795. Children with Lillia: James Lewis, Stephen Hitt.

Died  1805    
Comments "Gentleman"; moved from Virginia; settled near Bethabara Church, near "Cross Hill"; Laurens, SC 1784
Generation 13
Captain Lewis BALL   
Born 1 May 1779   Parchment lists 1781

Sarah HITT

Died 5 Apr 1856   Parchments lists 1857
Comments Lewis was 3 when father moved to SC; soldier in War of 1812; lived near Bethabara Church in SC; moved to Cherry Creek, Miss in 1850 with two younger children, settled near Martin and Lewis who had preceded him. He was a farmer. U.S. War Department - War of 1812, Lewis Ball, Ensign, - received $48.66 for services at Camp Alston in 1814.
Generation 14
Rev. Martin BALL, Sr.   
Born  1808    

Sara (Sarah) M. BALL (cousin) b. 23 Nov 1814 in Laurens Co., SC

Died 1859     
Comments Ordained by "Bethabara Church" by Rev. Joseph Babb, pastor at the time. Moved to Cherry Creek, Mississippi in 1845   
Generation 15
Jemima Frances BALL   
Born  1832    

Nathan Maney BERRY 15 Jan 1851 in Ponototoc Co, MS

Died  before 1892 in MS    
Comments This is the connection between the BALL and BERRY lines.  
The above information is from sketch of the life of Rev. Lewis Ball, by Sara Bobb who got her facts chiefly from Aunt "Jodie" Goodman, from letter by Rev. Lewis Ball to Col. Beaufort Watts Ball of Laurens and from records of Mrs. Sara Ball Copeland of Laurens, SC.
Compiled by I. P. Leavell, Oxford, Mississippi, December 1914.